Rachael King
Freelance Writer

I am an award-winning freelance writer specializing in business and technology. My work has appeared in national publications such as Fortune, BusinessWeek.com, BusinessWeek SmallBiz, Business 2.0, Inc., and the Industry Standard. My areas of expertise include small business, technology, the Internet and telecommunications.

Over the past decade, I have also held staff positions at Bon Appetit, Architectural Digest, tele.com and The Net Economy.

I live and work in San Francisco.

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Architectural Digest
Bon Appetit
Business 2.0
BusinessWeek SmallBiz
BusinessWeek Online
Crain's New York Business
Inc Technology
Industry Standard
Inter@ctive Week
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National Editorial Award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors, 2005

Jesse H. Neal award from the American Business Press, 1998